Autominer Pool

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Autominer account is valid when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Send an autominer registration message with a Bitcoin payout address and relevant worker address to the Open Index.
  2. Create an account on
  3. Make a new “pool profile” using the following information:
algo: Scrypt
port: 3032
worker: ''yourflorincoinaddress''
password: ''anythingyouwant''
  1. Create a miningrigrentals API key
  2. Install and start the autominer_api application. Source Code
  3. Fund your wallet with Bitcoin, and the autominer-api will automatically start renting rigs if market conditions allow your minimum margin to be met
  4. Add set preferences - Min price - application level. when the offer price is met, it mines

Sequence of Operations:

  1. Receive request for "next offer" including the total publish fee requested (denominated in fiat, not tokens)
  2. Check Open Index for the next block reward with a historian message in the coinbase
  3. Send "are you online" message to relevant Autominer nodes
  4. If a node responds that it is online, calculate the BTC total to send to complete their "open offers”
  5. If the whole publish fee is not covered by this trade, go back and loop steps 2-5 until it is
  6. Send a sendmany transaction to the autotrader nodes and wait for them to send tokens back

Tradebot offer price calculation The variables in the equation are:

  • Market price, supplied by market
  • Cost to mine, supplied by market
  • Each pools mining percent, supplied by Blockchain
  • A threshold variable multiplier of market price, supplied by oipwg
  • And a threshold variable hash rate limit, provided by oipwg