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Throughout this document you will find links to more information about each variable definition.

            "publisher": "string",
            "timestamp": 10 digit int,
            "type": "string",
                "title": "string",
                "description": "string",
                "year": 4 digit int,
                    "artist": "string",
                    "company": "string",
                "fiat": "string",
                "scale": int,
                "addresses": {
                    "three letter string":"string",
                    "three letter string":"string"
                "tokens": {
                    "STRING": int,
                    "STRING": int
                "network": "string",
                "location": "string,
                        "disBuy": boolean,
                        "disPlay": boolean,
                        "dName": "string",
                        "duration": int,
                        "fName": "string",
                        "fSize": int,
                        "sugPlay": "int",
                        "minPlay": "int",
                        "sugBuy": "int",
                        "minBuy": "int",
                        "disPer": "int",
                        "promo": "int",
                        "retail": "int",
                        "ptpFT": int,
                        "ptpDT": int,
                        "ptpDA": int,
                        "type": "string",
                        "tokenlyID": "string"
            "signature": "string"