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Roadmap for Fall 2017 and beyond

  • Integrate "cloud rights-locker" functionality for media purchases into protocol (tokenly integration)
  • Finish embedding support for all major social media platforms
  • Release universal browser extension to turn the whole web into our front end
  • Release new version of Browser (web & decentralized)
  • Release a developer SDK
  • Release Autominer
  • Add support for discussion threads/comments on artifacts (discus? on blockchain? steem?)
  • Namespace registrations
  • Peer to peer mining rig rental system
  • Release CCFinder (creative commons finder) for autopublishing all found CC content
  • hardware authentication (Rivetz)


Fall 2017

Block Date Hash Rate Market Cap
2,356,440 10/08/17 86,134,170,066 86.1 GH/s $9,890,749
  • New version of Browser in development, with a new interface, support for commenting, suggested content, ad-serving, p2p over the web and many additional media types. GitHub

Summer 2017

  • new version of Publisher in beta testing, with support for bulk publishing, artifact editing, additional media types, support for service providers
  • introduce universal browser extension to enable consumption of OIP content everywhere on the web to beta testers
  • introduce TradeBotP2P to facilitate easy trades between autominers and users in need of Flo tokens (like publishers)

Spring 2017

  • service provider registrations added to protocol daemon (retailer, promoter, autominer & autominer pool)
  • start work on 'rebuilt from the ground up' versions of Browser & Publisher
  • front end for autominer

Winter 2016/2017

  • eVue joins the OIP working group
  • WeGetMusic joins the OIP working group
  • Tokenly joins the OIP working group and begins building their front end on the Open Index Protocol,

Fall 2016

  • Added support for a number of new media types to web-publisher (Podcast, Book, Movie, Thing, HTML)
  • Integrated Coinbase's "Buy Widget" into paywall-web and tradebot-web to let end users buy Bitcoin using their credit or debit card.

Summer 2016

Block Date Hash Rate Market Cap
1,774,456 06/02/16 3,032,918,674 3.0 GH/s $160,279
  • Selected as first alternates at Concensus2016 "Proof of Work" pitch competition.
  • Released v0.5.7 with web-publisher, embeddable artifacts, pinbotwizard
  • Demo walkthru of web publishing to NYC meetup group: [Click "demo walkthru 6/16"]
  • Developed autominer api to automatically rent mining rigs depending on current conditions, by using the historian data that unidex pool has begun archiving into the blockchain. Source Code

Spring 2016

  • Forked LiteVault to add Florincoin support, launched flovault zero-knowledge hosted wallet | Source Code
  • Forked BitPay's Insight blockchain explorer to add Florincoin support, launched FlorInsight blockchain explorer as well as Joseph Fiscella's transaction message explorer
  • Added support to open source pool software to archive "historian" information into all blocks it wins. Forms the foundation of historian summary api. Launched Autominer pool
  • Developed formulae for relating publishing fees to the security of the index, as a function of how tokens are priced internally.
  • Developed blacklist protocols to give service providers and front end partners a means to optionally filter out NSFW content, and/or to mandatorily filter out pirated media and other illegal content where applicable.

Fall 2015

Block Date Hash Rate Market Cap
1397220 10/03/15 3,620,611,764 3.6GH/s $97,720
  • October 3: Published first piece of media by a major media personality, Imogen Heap.
  • The original artifact can be found in these Florincoin transactions: 0/4, 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4
  • More recently published versions of this artifact can be found here: song and its music video.
  • December 10: Successfully tested publishing and playback of 25mbs 4K video.
  • Released Alexandria version 0.5.1:

Watch in Alexandria (#5 2015 Dec - Alexandria v0.5.1 Demo)

Alexandria v0.5.1 alpha demo

Summer 2015

  • Released Alexandria version 0.5.0 with growing support for web interaction.
  • Skyler, Jeremiah & Chris join the Alexandria project
  • Added "web-paywall" & "pin to play" function to demonstrate a proof of concept of "soft access control".

Spring 2015

Block Date Hash Rate Market Cap
1116328 4/12/15 4,069,391,845 4.1GH/s $68,399
  • April 12: First cat video published and distributed with completely decentralized tech.
  • Inspect the parts in the Blockchain explorer: 0/3, 1/3, 2/3, 3/3
  • Note, this video isn't presently visible in the browser, due to some upgrades to the protocol that we didn't care to provide backwards compatibility for, but the same media was republished using the new protocol here
  • April 17: Released Alexandria client v0.4.0 Alpha with support for publishing videos using a completely decentralized software stack and no reliance at all on DNS or other central points of failure. Watch in Alexandria (#7 2015 Apr - Alexandria v0.4.0 Demo)
Alexandria v0.4 alpha Intro and Walkthrough
How Blockchain and P2P Technologies Will Empower the World
  • May: Deprecated support for Bittorrent Mainline DHT in favor of Protocol Lab's fully open source peer to peer networking protocol IPFS.

Winter 2014/2015

Block Date Hash Rate Market Cap
1008614 02/19/15 4,174,291,802 $11,848
  • February 20: The world's first example of media published and retrieved using a completely decentralized pipeline; the BitTorrent Mainline DHT to transfer media files and a series of Florincoin transaction messages to index meta data about the media files as well as the "magnet link" to find the files within the DHT.
  • Inspect the parts in the Blockchain explorer: 0/2, 1/2, 2/2
  • Note, this video isn't presently visible in the browser, due to some upgrades to the protocol that we didn't care to provide backwards compatibility for, but the same media was republished using the new protocol here

Fall 2014

Block Date Hash Rate Market Cap
740000 10/07/14 4,902,863,375 $45,155
  • Demoed a POC of 'clouds of history' from the twitterverse at Vegas InsideBitcoins, got fantastic responses to the idea of storing media files using similar methods, so that they are safely retrievable forever

Summer 2014

Block Date Hash Rate Market Cap
688912 08/09/14 5,118,935,900 $17,332

Spring 2014

Winter 2013/2014

  • An anonymous developer going by the moniker SkyAngel releases a fork of Litecoin called Florincoin, designed to support sending messages with transactions without altering consensus functionality at all and respecting the tx-fee functionality to attach a protocol-wide cost for data stored in the blockchain.